Its 2011, and we are all environmentalists out of necessity.

Here are the facts::

  • Al Gore is yelling at us about global warming.
  • The whole world is driving hybrid cars.
  • And we’ve been trying to save the whales for about 5 decades (And according to tv show ‘Whale Wars’, they are still not saved!).

Saving the planet is on the forefront of all of our minds, yet most coffee roasters run on fossil fuels and produce more smoke than a soviet power plant. Simply put, most coffee roasters are not good for the environment.

Except the roaster at Portola Coffee Lab.

It is called the Revelation, a hybrid coffee roaster by U.S. Roaster Corporation.  It produces 2/3 less emissions than traditional gas roasters and works off of gas and electricity to reduce the carbon footprint.
Portola Coffee Lab’s roaster produces no smoke! ZERO! And just like the idea behind the hybrid car, it uses very little gas. Specifically, 1/3 of what the average gas roaster of its size would use.  It is also the only one roaster in Orange County that satisfies the new AQMD regulations.

The exhaust air recirculates back into the roaster, already hot, reducing the energy required to complete the roast.  Before it goes back into the roaster, it passes through an incinerator where it is cleaned up.  What is great about this clean exhaust air is it returns oxygen free.  No oxygen – no oxidation!  Oxidation is bad for coffee flavor.

So if you come to our shop looking for outstanding coffee and a smokey roaster, then you are going to go home only half satisfied, cause we are SMOKELESS.

Our coffees are fair trade, organic, roasted on a hybrid roaster, and (according to taste amazing. The GREEN Revolution finally has a coffee to call its own…

and it’s roasted at Portola Coffee Lab.

You’re welcome Al Gore.

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