Our espresso machine can kick your espresso machine’s a**.  That is all you really need to know, but if you want more information, you can keep reading.

Slayer. It is an aggressive name for an espresso machine, hell it is an aggressive name for anything.  You type “slayer” into google, you don’t get nice images of bunnies, tea, and hugs.  No, you get some aggressive search results.

To name an espresso machine something that is saved usually for tatted metal-heads and horror movies leads one to believe that it had better be mind-blowing!

In addition to the name, it also cost $18,000. 18 grand is the amount you pay for a small wedding, a decent car, or a mansion in North Dakota.

You’re thinking, “It’s so intense, so expensive, this machine must be able to do something that no other espresso machine has ever done before!”

It does. So settle down.

To understand it, you have to understand espresso shots.

Making espresso is a violent process. Simply put, pulling an espresso shot is forcing extremely hot and highly pressurized water through a small cake of finely ground coffee for only a few seconds to make a small bit of espresso.

Because it is such a rapid process, most single-origin coffees that taste amazing when brewed using the slower methods of extraction (such as French press or over a pour-over drip cone) taste too harsh when brewed through espresso because the flavors are not given time to develop.

Because of all this fancy espresso chemistry, only a fraction of all coffees and blends out there are used when making your lattes and espresso shots.

And this is just the way things have been done since espresso’s introduction to the public 150 years ago::

Until now!  Enter, the Slayer.

The slayer has taken away these limitations. Now you can brew AMAZING single-origin coffees that have beautifully subtle flavors on a slayer espresso machine, FOR ESPRESSO.

The special feature of the Slayer is that it gives the barista the chance to adjust the water pressure while the espresso shot is being pulled.  Therefore the person making the coffee is able to give it time to brew slower, letting the flavors of the coffee fully emerge and punch your taste buds in the face.

You can taste the berry qualities of the Ethiopian coffees or the chocolate qualities of the Indo-pacific coffees you have loved in your French press in ways you never have before.

I am staring at a Slayer painted in pearl white, with its aggressive triangulated metal brackets, polished wood controls and sexy no-nonsense profile on the bar at the Portola Coffee Lab… and let me tell you, it definitely looks intense enough to live up to the name SLAYER.

The Slayer has changed the way espresso is made, and Portola Coffee Lab has brought this beast to Orange County.

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